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An admiring glance from a stranger is nice, whatever the situation. Whether because of a new suit, a fresh haircut, or an improved physique – the feel-good factor generated is enough to turn a dull day into a winning one. But admiring glances are even more special when they’re admiring something you’ve paid a lot of money for. We’re talking, of course, about your car.

If you’re like most, you treasure your automobile, and love nothing more than seeing it in your garage, looking like the masterpiece that it is. So why then would you want to vinyl wrap it? Well, in addition to making it look unbelievable, there are a whole host of practical and vanity reasons for doing so, which we’ll look at about below.

Enjoy A Drastic Change

A finished paint job is nice, but it’s ordinary. Any parking lot across the country will be full of similarly finished cars. Vinyl wrapping stands out, love it or hate it. You’ll be hard pressed to encounter a similar looking car, no matter what make or model you’re currently driving.

Save On Cost

Surprisingly, vinyl wrapping can be cheaper than certain types of paint jobs. In some cases, one can cost five times less than a re-spray. While prices of course vary, wrapping shouldn’t be thought of as being just an expensive aesthetic procedure. When you weigh up the numbers, they’ll surprise you.

Express Yourself

Finding the perfect vehicle is like finding the perfect house. There always seems to be something you’d prefer to change. Luckily, with the options now at your fingertips, that’s easier to do than ever before. If you find the perfect car, but it’s not in the color or design you’d have liked, not a problem. A professional wrap can change both color and texture, meaning you can drive away in your dream car, even if it’s in hot pink.

Save On Installation Times

While they look as though they’ve taken weeks to craft, a wrap can be done in a surprisingly short space of time. The average time to fit one is between 2-5 days. Paint jobs have been known to take up to 2 weeks to complete, leaving you without a vehicle for the duration.

Receive Maximum Protection

Cars have a habit of developing knocks, scratches, and general wear and tear. A paint job leaves you open to the effects of all of these. It offers no protection and no disguise when something does bruise. Protect your paint job with a vinyl wrap, and while at it, minimize the damage caused to it by sunlight and the elements. Your vinyl wrap will be durable, long-lasting and can be removed safely.

Blackout Package

If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well!

So, there you have it, seven of the best reasons to shun your regular paint job and opt for vinyl instead. Convinced? If so, pop in to Superior today to talk to a specialist about your plans. Superior is Long Island’s go-to place for everything car-related.

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