Repair and Renew

headliner often is a composite material that is adhered to the inside roof of automobiles or yachts. It typically consists of a face fabric with non-woven or foam backing. Headliners consist of multilayered composite materials that bring together multiple functionalities, including the requested look, feel, stiffness, and sound reduction needed in cars. Automotive headliners are optimized with respect to head impact counter measures[1] or to integrate additional LED lighting film behind the fabric. Most headliners consist of a tricot knit fabric that is napped to provide a soft touch and uniform appearance. The fabric is adhered to melted polyurethane foam. This fabric-foam composite is glued to the interior fiberglass roof of the automobile.

There are more complex knit products used as a face fabric, as well as less expensive non-woven products. Recent headliner developments include environmentally friendly products made of recyclable backing-adhesive and face fabrics.

Whether matching a new paint job or installing custom electronics, we can help. Cigarette smoke, water and moisture from flood damage, and just day to day wear and tear will cause the adhesives in you vehicle’s headliner to breakdown and give out. Whatever your needs, Superior Auto Restyling is the right source for vehicle restorations.

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